Effigy Mounds National Monument

Effigy Mounds National Monument, a 1,481-acre park, is divided into two units separated by the Yellow River. Prehistoric mounds are common from the plains of the Midwest to the Atlantic seaboard, but only in this general area were they constructed in an effigy outline of mammals, birds, or reptiles. The Monument contains 1,481 acres with 200 mounds, 29 in the shape of effigies - other mounds are conical, linear and compound in shape. The mounds were built by Eastern Woodland Indian culture from 500 BC to 1300 AD. Natural features in the monument include forests, tall grass prairies, wetlands and rivers.

Yellow River State Forest

Yellow River Forest is located in Allamakee County in northeast Iowa. Its headquarters and recreation facilities are located on county highway B25, approximately 4 miles southeast of Waterville or 3 miles west of Harpers Ferry. Located at 729 State Forest Road.

Hiking, snowmobile and horse trails and several picnic areas are located on the Paint Creek unit. Several scenic overlooks are accessible by horseback, foot or auto and a large portion of the cross-country ski trail system is found here.

Paint Rock Bluff

Located near Waukon Junction, Paint Rock Bluff was once an important navigational aide for riverboat pilots and a popular stop for early tourists along the river. Now obscured by weathering and vandalism, the painted symbols and rock carvings that gave the bluffs its name are believed to be sacred to early native peoples.



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