Take Cty V & A north
 to Bagley, WI

Glen Haven and Cassville, Wisconsin

Take Hwy 133 south 
to Potosi, WI

Overlooking Cassville, WIAn old picture looking down Main Street in Glen Haven, WI

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Glen Haven is known largely known for its immense eagle habitat. A large population of eagles makes Grant County their home. The winter months provide the ideal time for observing eagles between Glen Haven and Cassville. The wooded Mississippi River bluffs, open water, and public lands in this area provide ideal habitat for eagles, as well as other wildlife and plant species.

Located in Grant County, Cassville was settled in 1827. It is named after Lewis Cass, who was once governor of the Michigan Territory, which at the time was included the State of Wisconsin. In 1836, Cassville had hopes of becoming the Capital of the new Wisconsin territory, which embraced all of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. In nominating Cassville, Colonel William S. Hamilton, son of Alexander Hamilton, had the following to say about Cassville. "Cassville stands on the east bank of the Mississippi surrounded with very pretty scenery; the eye can rest upon the soft and soothing, the grand, the sublime; it will find there everything necessary for the promotion of man's comfort and the exercise of his energies; in a word, nature has done all in her power to make it one of the most delightful spots in the far west."

This town is also the home of Wisconsin's first governor, Nelson Dewey. Cassville is rich in history with many museums and historic sites to visit. Cassville is know as "Where History, Bald Eagles and the Mississippi Meet", and is one of the nation's foremost eagle viewing locations.  Lock & Dam #10 and the nearby power generating plant keep the river ice free and provide feeding opportunities for eagles that spend the winter here. As many as 260 eagles have been counted along Cassville's riverfront. Also there are many outdoor activities to enjoy here, such as boating, fishing, hiking, camping, biking, and many parks that offer swimming, tennis, basketball and volleyball.

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