Take Hwy. 10 & 61 West  to Hastings, MN

Prescott And Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin

Take Hwy 35 south to Bay City. WI or Hwy 35 & 63 West  to 
Red Wing, MN

A picture of the levee in Prescott, WI in 1908.  A view of the St. Croix River and the Highway 10 Bridge in Prescott.

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Diamond Bluff is an old river town in Pierce County, located just off the Wisconsin Great River Road on the banks of the Mississippi. Here you will find the site of the largest inland water disaster in history, the sinking of the Sea Wing Riverboat. Along the river you can find a plaque commemorating the loss of lives resulting from the sinking of this pleasure boat. Clamming boats can sometimes be seen working in this part of the river.

Prescott one of the oldest towns on the Mississippi River, dating back to 1839, when a soldier and fur trader from New York City named Philander Prescott  who built a cabin on this site. Prescott later operated the first ferry across the mouth of the St. Croix and married the daughter of a Sioux Indian chief, Whom he had nine Children with. He was killed in 1862 during an Indian uprising. 

This town is situated at the juncture of the St. Croix and the Mississippi River in Pierce County. Today, visitors can clearly see the line where the blue waters of the St. Croix join the dark waters of the Mississippi River, from an overlook  downtown, in the Mercord Mill Park.  The town, originally called Elisabeth, was founded in 1851 quickly became an important transfer point for freight. Cargo carried up the Mississippi River that was intended for towns along the St. Croix was unloaded here and transferred to vessels that would carry the remaining way up the St. Croix River. Prescott's economy collapsed when the steamboat era ended with the coming of the railroads. 

Over the past 30 years, that economy has started to turn around, driven by the scenic appeal of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers. Today, The population of Prescott is just over 3,550 people. Prescott also marks the northern end of the Great River Road in Wisconsin. Travels can continue it on its final route in Minnesota or enjoy a different type of river life along the spectacular St. Croix River, which has been designated a National Scenic Riverway.       

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Prescott Chamber of Commerce
237 Broad Street North
Prescott, Wisconsin 54021
Tel. 715-262-3284 
Fax. 715-262-5943

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