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Prescott & Diamond Bluff
Since 1634, Wisconsin has been shuffled between the Native Americans, France, Great Britain, and the United States. Wisconsin's name is based on an Indian word "Ouisconsin" believed to mean "grassy place" in the Chippewa tongue 

Various Indian tribes first inhabited the area now as Wisconsin. The Chippewa, Menominee, Oneida, Potawatomi, and the Ho Chunk tribes lived in the area undisturbed until the late 1800s.The first European explorer to reach Wisconsin was Jean Nicolet, searching the Northwest Passage to China, he traversed Lake Michigan, landing near Green Bay in 1634. France laid claim to Wisconsin as part its territory in the New World in 1672.

In 1763, Wisconsin was part of the territory ceded by France to Great Britain in the part of the Treaty of Paris. Twenty years later, again at Paris, the British relinquished their claim to Wisconsin; and it became part of the United States. In 1787, under the Northwest Ordinance, Wisconsin became part of the great territory north and west of the Ohio River out of which Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin was later created.

In 1836, the Wisconsin territory was organized, including what are now the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and parts of the Dakotas. The first territorial legislature met at Belmont about 5.5 miles northeast of Platteville. The two-story frame building and grounds surrounding the first Capitol are now a state park. on May 29, 1848,  Wisconsin was the 30th state to join the Union. The present Capitol building in Madison was erected between 1906 and 1917 and is the third on this site.

Wisconsin, or "the Dairy State", produces the majority of the nation's milk and cheese, along with many other agricultural products. This state also ranks number 2 out of the 47 states that produce paper.

On the political front, Wisconsin has been a leader in social legislation. It was the first to provide pensions for the blind, aid to dependent children and old-age assistance, and the first to enact unemployment and workers' compensation laws.

Wisconsin, like the surrounding states, has a rich diversity of natural resources and recreational activities. From music to fishing to shopping to skiing, Wisconsin has something to fit your needs.

Hwy. 35, The Great River Road in Wisconsin, offers some of the best scenery of any drive in the country and follows the course of the Mississippi River 240 miles from Prescott to Dickeyville. The River bluffs dazzle with color and the towns up and down the route celebrate the fall harvest with festivals.

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Travel Information
Wisconsin Travel Information Centers-Madison
201 West Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53707
WI and neighboring states: 1-800-372-2737; nationally: 1-800-432-TRIP

Bay City & Maiden Rock
Stockholm & Pepin
Nelson & Alma
Cochrane & Fountain City
Centerville & Trempealeau
Holmen & Midway
La Crosse
Stoddard & Genoa
Victory & De Soto
Ferryville & Lynxville
Prairie du Chien & Bridgeport
Wyalusing & Bagley
Glen Haven & Cassville
Potosi & Tennyson
Dickeyville & Kieler

(Towns are listed from north to south)


State Symbols


Peace: Mourning Dove Tree: Sugar Maple
Mineral: Galena Flower: Wood Violet
Bird: Robin Soil: Antigo Silt Loam
Fish: Muskellunge Animal: Badger
Insect: Honeybee Wildlife Animal: White-tailed deer
Rock: Red Granite Domestic Animal: Dairy Cow
Nickname: The Badger State Motto: Forward
State Song: "On Wisconsin!" Grain: Corn
Beverage: Milk Dog: American Water Spaniel
Fossil: Trilobite Dance: Polka



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